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Action1 Seafood Curry (Green) 230g

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Action A1 Indian Seafood Curry sauce is like a game-changing sauce that instantly changes the taste of a blunt seafood curry dish into a mouthwatering one. The taste of it will definitely remind you of the taste of traditional Indian or Malaysian seafood.

Nutritional information:

Calories (1040 kcal), Fat (73gm), Cholesterol (0gm),  Sodium (3077 mg),  Carbohydrate (91 gm),  Sugar (11 gm), Protein (9gm), Dietary fiber (26gm), Trans fat ( 0gm), Monounsaturated fat (0 gm),  Polyunsaturated fat (0 gm)


Vegetable oil, chili, onion, mixed spices, garlic, sugar, salt, curry leaves


Store it in a cool and dry place.