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Samyang Seafood Party Ramen Multi-Pack 5 x 125g

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Inside the packet, a noodle block and two sachets of seasoning powder and garnishing. The heap of seasoning powder. Mainly salt, MSG and various seafood extracts.



Noodle: Wheat flour, Palm oil, Modified tapioca starch, Modified potato starch, Salt, Soybean oil, Sugar solution, Sweetener (E420), Emulsifier (E322, E452, E450), Acidity regulator (E501, E500, E339, E330), Thickener (E412), Colour (E101), Green-tea seasoning oil Soup base: Salt, Seasoning: Squid (Molluscs) powder, Hydrolyzed vegetable protein: Soy, Corn, Wheat, Lobster (Crustaceans) powder, Oyster (Molluscs) extract powder, Savory seasoning powder, Anchovy (Fish) extract powder, Shrimp (Molluscs) extract powder, Sugar, Flavour enhancer (E621 ,E631, E627), Rice powder, Palm oil, spices (Garlic powder, Black pepper powder, Onion powder), Colour (E160c), Oleoresin capsicum

Flake: Dried vegetables (Cabbage, Carrot, Welsh onion), Freeze dried cuttlefish (Molluscs), Dried seaweed