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A1 Meat Curry Paste 230g

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Worried about your meat curry? No need to be anymore as here we have got the ultimate solution for you. A1 meat curry paste by Mountain globe brand can make your curry dish finger-licking good instantly.

Nutritional information:

Fat (575gm), Calories (672 kcal), Polyunsaturated fat (11gm), Monounsaturated fat (28 gm), Cholesterol (139 mg), Sugar (9 gm), Sodium (4028 mg),  Carbohydrate (10 gm), Protein (14gm),  Trans fat (0 gm),  Dietary fiber (28 mg)


 Vegetable oil, chili, onion, mixed spices, garlic, sugar, salt


Store it in a cool and dry place.