UJI no TSUYU Japanese Tea With Roasted Rice (Genmaicha) 400g - Crown Supermarket

UJI no TSUYU Japanese Tea With Roasted Rice (Genmaicha) 400g

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Genmaicha brown rice tea is green tea mixed with puffs of toasted brown rice, so it has the grassy flavour of green tea, combined with the nutty aroma of roasted rice.

Genmaicha tea is a combination of Japanese green tea and toasted brown rice. Brown rice was originally added to tea as a filler for the poorer members of society, but has now become a popular tea in its own right due to the mild flavour combination of light, grassy green tea and roasted brown rice. Low in caffeine and high in flavonoids, genmaicha is a healthier alternative to coffee and other teas.

How To Use
Loose leaf tea tends to have a fresher, more authentic taste than bagged varieties.
• Add a pinch of green tea directly to a cup or to a tea strainer in a tea pot.
• Use approximately 80°C water to brew the tea.
• Allow the tea to infuse for one minute, then enjoy.