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Koepoe Koepoe SP (Baking Mix) 70g

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Koepoe Koepoe SP (Baking Mix) is a well-known brand of baking products, often used in Indonesian and Southeast Asian cuisine. "Koepoe Koepoe" is a brand that offers various baking ingredients and mixes to assist in making a wide range of traditional and modern baked goods.

The term "SP" may stand for "Spekuk" or "Spekoek," which is an Indonesian and Dutch-Indonesian layered cake, also known as "kue lapis legit." This cake is known for its rich and aromatic spices, including cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg, which give it a unique and flavorful taste.

Koepoe Koepoe SP (Baking Mix) could be a pre-packaged mix that simplifies the process of making the complex and time-consuming layered cake. It may contain a blend of spices, flours, and other ingredients needed to create the characteristic flavor and texture of the cake.