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Rhea Aceite de Manzanilla 120ml

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Aceite de Manzanilla is specially formulated for babies and toddlers suffering from abdominal distention. It is a mild formula that relieves discomfort of children without inflicting pain.

Proven effective in comforting children’s bloating, flatus, discomfort, and pain in the abdomen.

Apply a generous amount on the affected area and rub gently.

  • used as an antiflatulent to help relieve stomach pain and nauseousness
  • used to treat skin swelling, as well as cracked and dry skin
  • used to treat anxiety and digestive problems
  • it eases itching and rashes, and can aid in healing and preventing bacterial infection


Each solution contains Chamomile oil and Citronella Oil.

Product Usage

Apply a generous amount of oil externally and rub gently over the affected area as often as desired.